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Weddings Are For Couples: Solid Ways To Include Him In Your Plans

Getting married is a life-altering experience for the bride and groom, yet many times people allow her to take the reins and only require him to show up at the altar. While there is nothing wrong with allowing the bride to do a great deal of the planning, this does not mean that the groom should be forgotten. Here are several ways you can change the game and make your wedding about both of you.

Serve A Groom's Cake

The idea of having two cakes may seem like overkill, but this is a great way to show him that you are walking into the union with an open mind and heart. He wants to feel just as special as you do on your wedding day, and this is the perfect way to make that happen. Try to choose a groom's cake that reflects one or more aspects of his personality. For example, if he is in a band, you can consider having the cake decorated with musical notes.

Allow Him To Help Choose Your Dress

According to an article in Huffington Post, there is nothing wrong with breaking the tradition that forbids the bride and groom from seeing each other prior to the nuptials. Since you want to coordinate well in order to take pictures, converging to select a great wardrobe can be very useful. Whether you believe it or not, many grooms would love to help with this part of the wedding. If you think that he is one of them, you should definitely make that happen.

Include Food He Adores On The Menu

Traditionally, people consider budget and guests' palates when choosing what to serve at their wedding. While you want your guests to enjoy their meal and mention it positively far after the day is over, you should try to make it memorable for him as well. Serving basic items, like chicken and steak, is not as exciting as using his taste buds for inspiration. Think about it: Serving an Asian-inspired menu to please a Thai food loving groom will be far more interesting and it will garner more feedback.

You may have always gotten the feeling that weddings were more for the bride than the groom, but this does not have to be the case. If you want to make him feel just as special when the big day comes, you should use one or more of these unique wedding ideas during the planning phase.